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SE*Meduseld’s The Lovely Briar Rose


Dam: S*Javeliner’s Jura Legacy (BSH h) | Sire: SE*Meduseld’s Essing (BSH a 21 33)

About The Lovely Briar Rose

British Shorthair blåsköldpaddstabby / blue tortie blotched tabby (BSH g 22), simply called Briar.

This girl sure knows how to bring attention to herself. For starters, she is a stunner in looks, and secondly she is very talkative. She is very friendly, and do not mind sitting on shoulders or lying in front/on top of the computer keyboard when I’m working.

Briar is cobby, strong, balanced and – may I say it – gorgeous. She has a lot of cream mixed with classic blue tones. She is a dream cat come true after me wanting to have a British Shorthair cat for many years.

Health tests & other

HCM: Will be tested when she’s about 1 year old.
PKD1: Negative (genetically through her parents).

Carries colourpoint, non-agouti and chocolate. Pure shorthair.

Emenheim Nenya Miril


Dam: CH Emenheim Hex (SRS n 33) | Sire: S*Tjejringens Båtsman (SRL e 03)

About Nenya Miril

Selkirk Rex Shorthair blåsköldpaddsmaskad bicolour / blue tortie pointed bicolour (SRS g 03 33), nickname Ullis.

Ullis is a sweet girl who loves to come into your lap for a snuggle, and she makes sure to get it. She’s a nice mix of her parents, and she’s inherited a lot from her father; such as her love for cardboard boxes, the water bowl and voice that sound like a small signal horn – haha!

She’s a very nice female and a great addition to my breeding programme. As she’s homozygous for the Selkirk Rex curl gene it opens a lot of possibilities for future combinations. She has really nice, soft curls over the whole body. The body is strong and compact.

Health tests & other

HCM: Normal 2021/04/12 (Prof. J. Häggström/UDS).
PKD1: Negative (genetically through her parents).

Homozygous for curl, heterozygous for white spotting & carry gene for longhair.

CH Emenheim Hex


Dam: Bibi Blue Bald Ufkens (SRL f 33) | Sire: SE*Meduseld’s Essing (BSH a 21 33)

About Hex

Selkirk Rex Shorthair brunmaskad / sealpoint (SRS n 33), nickname Hexan. The first Swedish Selkirk Rex to become a Junior Champion.

She’s from my first litter and was the first from my own cattery to become a champion. Every year she grows even more attractive than the last. Hex is truly a very sweet girl and a great mother, she has a lot of patience with her kittens and do not mind hanging around and playing with them. She has a very nice, soft fur which makes her look like a well-snuggled teddybear from one’s childhood. She has a gentle personality, but is not one to skip playtime at least once every day.

On the cat shows we’ve attended she’s recieved very nice judgement and most times also had the honour to be nominated for Best in Show.

Health tests & other

HCM: Normal
2021/04/12 (Assoc. prof I. Ljungvall/UDS),
2020/05/11, 2019/05/24 (Prof. J. Häggström/UDS).
PKD1: Negative (genetically through her parents).

Heterozygous for curl, carry genes for longhair and dilution.

Titles: Junior Champion & Champion.

Mother of: 

Neutered / altered cats

Bibi Blue Bald Ufkens


Dam: Godiva de la Canaille (SRL b 33) |  Sire: Curly Amor van Brifety (SRL e 33)

About Bibi

Selkirk Rex Longhair svartsköldpaddsmaskad / tortiepoint (SRL f 33). Bibi is imported from the Netherlands.

Bibi is the most fantastic cat I’ve ever met – she has an amazing personality and a unique, crazy look. You can’t help but to laugh at all the silly things she comes up with! She’s super friendly and very curious, if you don’t know where she is she’s probably exploring your bag, a cupboard or whatever “new” there is. She’s still very playful and the kittens have to watch out when granny skid around, I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that maybe Bibi is the biggest kitten of them all.

Bibi is homozygous for the Selkirk Rex curl gene, something which I found very important when I started looking for my own breeding girl. For me it’s always been important that I have as many options as possible, as there’s very few Selkirk Rexes in Sweden (and even fewer Selkirk Rex males). I was of the opinion that the breed would benefit the most if I could produce curly kittens only – and for that I decided I needed a homozygous female.

She’s imported from NL and sadly I only had one litter with her, as I’ve been very slow with breeding. I’m a person that prefers taking it slower and think carefully before just “doing” and in that “process” Bibi was already 6 years old and it was time to let her retire. But as I’ve kept her daughter Hex, and now her granddaughter Ullis too, she’s still very much a part of my breeding programme. 🙂

Health tests & other

HCM: 2019/05/24, 2018/02/02 (Prof. J. Häggström/UDS), 2016/08/19 (I. Ljungvall/UDS).
PKD1: Negative (DNA).

Homozygous for curl, carry genes for chocolate and dilution.

Mother of: 

IP Qtcat Curly Titch


Dam: Honey of Golden Velvet (SRL cy 11) | Sire: Ulysses von Mullemiez (BRI w 62)

About Curly Titch

Selkirk Rex Shorthair lilac spotted (SRS c 24), nickname Floyd.

Floyd is my first Selkirk Rex and is a stunning shorthair boy. He has a very dense and fluffy fur and definitely looks like a childhood teddybear. When I got him I became so interested in this lovely breed that I dediced that I would become a breeder!

Floyd has always just been a pet to me and before deciding that I would start breeding I had of course already neautered him. We’ve been going to quite a few cat shows together, in the cat federations FIFe (Sverak) and WCF. He gets very nice judgement and most of the times he’s had the honour of being nominated for Best in Show, a few times he’s been the Best Shorthair Male Neuter etc.

We took part in the process to get the Selkirk Rex Shorthair and Longhair recognised as a breed in the cat federation FIFe, which the Swedish association Sverak is a member of. FIFe was one of the last major federations to acknowledge the breed and it was very nice when that finally happened in 2017. Since then the breed has gained popularity amongst other breeders and buyers and I am so glad that we participated in this.

Floyd is a chunky boy with very nice, sturdy body. He’s not extreme in any way, I feel like he has a very “lagom*” look.

* lagom is a Swedish expression meaning just right, neither too much or too little. 🙂

Titles: Premier (WCF + FIFe) & International Premier.

S*Raggababa Roadster de Cartier


Dame: CH S*Raggababa Lady Lovely Locks (RAG a) | Sire: S*Medina’s Dolls Spock (RAG a 03)

About Roadster de Cartier

Ragdoll blue mitted (RAG a 04), nickname Mjao.

Mjao, meaning “meow” in English, really does his name justice. He’s a very talkative boy with very firm opinions on what’s right or what’s not right. 😉 Mjao is our first cat, except for the cat’s we’ve had in our family homes.

We really wanted a cat that would act almost like a dog, and that’s a description that’s sometimes used for Ragdolls. We fell for his kind of troubled expression and we loooved the colour – our fascination for colourpoints had started!

If Mjao was a person I think he’d pursue a career in the police, he carefully monitors the household and will immediately let you know if something is not up to standards. Mjao is a very gentle giant though, but is not shy to let his big paw swat you between the eyes if you are, for example, a mischievous kitten playing with Mjao’s tail. 😀

I can honestly say that I can’t imagine my life without this character, I’m so happy that we got him as our baby.



About Lennox

Domestic Shorthair / Huskatt black classic tabby with white (HCS n 09 22).

Lennox, named after the awesome artist Annie Lennox, is a beautiful domestic shorthair with striking classic tabby markings and a cute bib of white on her chin and chest. A few of her toes is white too – it looks like she dipped them in cream. 🙂

Lennox is one of all the quite sad cases of housecats being removed too early from their mother. She was born out on the country side and the person owning Lennox’ mother decided that Lennox was too small to survive and handed her over to a hunter and asked him to put her down.
Lucky for Lennox, the hunter did not kill her, instead he took care of her and searched for a new home for her. And that’s when we took her in.

To summarise this story: Lennox was quite obviously not handled like a pure bred cat would’ve been and she did not have the opportunity to stay in the safety with her mother, as a result she’s a bit insecure and shy. But when she’s feeling safe with you there’s no greater snuggle-bug!

If it wasn’t for Lennox’ insecurities I would love to bring her to a cat show, I mean… Isn’t she just a striking, true housecat?